Swiss Chalet, Stavanger Drive, St. John's

       Wedgewood Activity Centre, St. John's

Crosbie Group, Hebron Way, St. John's

    Kent, Conception Bay South

             Fire Hall, Conception Bay South


On going                                                                 Completed                         

                   Lester's Farm, St. John's

Town Hall, Conception Bay South

Holiday Inn, St. John's

Hatcher House, Memorial University, St. John's

 Ronald McDonald House, Clinch Crescent, St. Johns.

Our portfolio of projects INCLUDE

  •  Ronald McDonald House, St. John's
  • Target, Stavanger Drive
  • Kent, Conception Bay South
  • Wal-Mart, Topsail Road
  • Holiday Inn Express, St. John's
  • Wedgewood Park Aquatic Centre
  • Schlumberger, St, John's

Target, St. John's

Mr. Lube, Torbay Road, St. John's.